York Minster Refectory


* * * * *

Dined here one Sunday in April. Service was attentive and friendly.
Starts – coronation crab and the duck haslet arrived in good time and were delicious.
For our main courses we had the Sunday lunch ( sirloin of beef, roasts and vegetables – perfect); the braised oxtail which was perfectly cooked and tasted excellent; and the plaice which was also fantastic.
We will definitely be returning for special occasions!


* * * * *

We visited this restaurant, opened by King Charles III recently. Beautiful decor and excellent service. Good ambience and lovely food. Highly recommended.


* * * * *

An absolutely wonderful experience at lunch today. Incredible service, fantastic food. Thank you. 100% worth a visit. We will be back.


* * * * *

Stunning venue, fabulous service. Loved the Minster views from the garden.


* * * * *

Unbelievable meal here over Easter weekend. Fab menu with lots of tasty options – I had venison carpaccio to start and the plaice for mains (would highly recommend). Staff were great and the restaurant interior was stunning. Look forward to visiting again soon!



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