York Minster Refectory


Creamed Porridge Oats £6
Toasted seeds, blueberries, York bee honey

Homemade Pecan and Maple Granola £5
Skyr yoghurt, bitter orange marmalade

Refectory “Crunchy Nuts” £5
Flaked corn, toasted nuts, York bee honey, oats and coconut,
“full fat” milk


Refectory Breakfast £14
Choice of eggs, smoked streaky and back bacon, herb pork sausage, black pudding, roasted vine tomatoes,
sauteed button mushrooms, potato hash

Refectory Vegan £14
Herb sausage, beetroot pudding, potato hash, homemade beans, roasted vine tomatoes,
sauteed button mushrooms, vegan scrambled

Breakfast Muffin £9
Toasted muffin, sausage, and streaky bacon, melting cheese, hen’s egg, homemade brown sauce

Vegan Muffin £9
Toasted muffin, vine tomato, sauteed mushrooms, crushed avocado


Oak Smoked Salmon £14
Scrambled eggs, garden pea pancakes
Add 10g caviar £40

Poached Smoked Haddock £14
Yorkshire rarebit, toasted sourdough crumpet

North Sea Lobster “Benedict” £29
Toasted muffin, poached lobster, hollandaise sauce

Confit Duck and Chorizo “Hash” £16
Baby potatoes, fried hen’s egg, grain mustard dressing